Sutherland Springs survivor, race car driver paralyzed in shooting rebuilding life


Kris Workman, 34, is a survivor of the Sutherland Springs mass shooting.

The young father and race car driver was shot twice when a gunman opened fire on the innocent community at the First Baptist of Sutherland Springs.

"In that moment when I got shot, you know, the bottom half of me went numb at that point," said Workman recounting November 5, 2017.

The bullet he took to his spine paralyzed him from the waist down.

"Once directly in the back, it was almost a point-blank shot. He was just a few feet away from me," said Workman. "When I got hit, I yelled out pretty loud and that's when my mom told me, shut up."

He and his mother played dead to fool the gunman.

"My mother and I were holding hands right next to each other underneath the pews," said Workman.

During horror, Kris experienced a true act of God.

Sutherland Springs resident, Stephen Willeford, heard the shots from his home down the street and came armed to face evil.

"Despite it not making sense that he would leave the church in that moment like there were no sirens, there were no actual signs that police officers were coming in... that's kind of how it makes sense, evil cannot stand in the presence of God. It has to run so he ran," said Workman.

The First Baptist of Sutherland Springs had always been a safe place for him and his family. It's where he met and married his wife, Colbey Workman. Something kept Colbey and their 3-year-old daughter home that day.

"Thank the Lord that they were not there. Most Sunday mornings, they're right there with me and they would have been in the same area, right next to me," said Workman.

His faith is indestructible. It's what gets him through as he adjusts to a new way of life.

"I'm more of a move forward kind of guy," said Workman.

His race car, #13, is now coated with signatures and messages of support from his work family at Rac Space in San Antonio. They and others have stood by Workman through his recovery.

When the time is right, Kris is determined to race again.

"I've got a pretty amazing racing family that are ready at any moment. at the drop of a hat, when I say go to the fit the car with hand controls and find a way to get me into it," said Workman.

But for now, he has a new focus.

"I want to work on making sure that we're ready here in the house and possibly, we're going to build a new house. Something that is a little more appropriate for somebody in a wheelchair so I'm going to work on that stuff first."

If you would like to donate to Kris, click here.

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