Survivor recounts moments during church shooting

Sutherland Springs shooting survivor Roseanne Solis (Photo: KXAS / NBC Newschannel)

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas - One of the survivors of Sunday's church massacre in Sutherland Springs says it simply wasn't her time to go.

Roseanne Solis said the congregation at the First Baptist Church was singing during the 11 a.m. service when the shots rang out. She said she crawled under a church pew and tried to hide from the gunman.

Solis said she could smell gun powder and she saw the carpet in front of her splintering. She also described watching the gunman walk through the church.

"Everybody's crying and you know, I could see him. I was hiding under the benches and I could see his feet, walking back and forth though the aisles, but I didn't want to get shot."

Solis said after the shooting stopped, her sister came to the church and drove her to a nearby hospital. She was later transferred to a hospital in San Antonio where she underwent surgery on her shoulder.

She has since been released.

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