Surveillance video shows a USPS worker relieving himself while holding mail

    Surveillance video shows a USPS worker relieving himself while holding mail

    SAN ANTONIO - "He manages to pull it out, and walk while doing it,” said Kevin Stanton, a homeowner. “It's kind of frustrating. If he had asked me, I would have let him go to the restroom inside our house, but not on the side of it."

    We had to blur the mail carrier’s face, because no charges have been filed.

    “He doesn’t do anything to try and hide, anything,” said Stanton.

    Roughly a week ago, Stanton says he first realized there was an issue.

    "I heard water running, and looked out,” said Stanton. “Then I found out it wasn't water running, it was him peeing. Definitely not fun to have someone peeing on your property.”

    Stanton said had it only been once, he wouldn’t have necessarily care. However, he checked his home surveillance system and realized it had recorded this mail carrier relieving himself before.

    "On camera, I have at least 3 times,” said Stanton.

    We asked if there was any way to tell how long he's been doing this.

    “No,” Stanton responded. “My cameras only go back a week.”

    This has been taking place near the intersection of North Walters and Iowa. Stanton describes this intersection as relatively busy.

    "I don't want my kids seeing this,” said Stanton. “I mean, he's right there at a main intersection.”

    Stanton tells us that he tried reaching out to a local post office, but they didn’t take his concerns seriously.

    On Thursday, a spokesperson from the USPS responded to our media request with the written statement below.

    The Postal Service always strives to ensure our employees adhere to the highest ethical standards, in order to preserve the level of trust we have worked hard to build with our customers. We apologize to anyone who may have witnessed the alleged incident. The actions described in this case are unacceptable and do not reflect the professional behavior shown by the vast majority of postal employees. The Postal Service is currently investigating the issue and, depending on the results of the investigation, will take appropriate corrective action.

    A different mail carrier had been placed on the route Thursday afternoon.

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