Surprise snow shocks travelers during San Antonio rush hour

Surprise snow shocks travelers

Thursday’s surprise snowstorm caught many people off guard. Heavy, wet flakes began falling in northern San Antonio around 6PM, and lasted for a few hours.

“Almost blizzard like,” said one traveler at a gas station. “It's coming down really heavy, like the ground is covered.”

“This is my first time every seeing snow,” said another driver. “Oh my God it's so exciting. I'm still in shock honestly.”

Near white-out conditions forced the rush hour traffic to slow to a crawl for hours.

“I actually saw people on their cellphones taking pictures on the highway of the snow,” said one traveler.

“I actually moved from Illinois a few months ago,” another driver told us. “I thought I went far enough south, apparently not.”

It’s hard to believe that temperatures were in the 80’s just a few days ago. However, since the snow fell so quickly, it was able to stack up on the warm roads.

“Everyone is doing like 20 miles per hour,” said one driver from Interstate 10. “It's really not slick out. It's just wet.”

Some people were out, trying to enjoy the rare winter storm though. In fact, the Burns family drove to the Texaco along Camp Bullis Road so they could take pictures.

We wanted to go to New York to see the snow,” said the Burns family. “But look, it came to us.”

“I mean we had snow flurries a few years back,” a traveler told us. “But it's been 20 plus years since we’ve seen something like this.”

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