Stepmom gets 99 years for boy's starvation death

Crystal Williams faces 5 to 99 years in prison for the starvation death of Josiah Williams in 2012. (Photos: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

SAN ANTONIO- A woman will be spending the rest of her life in prison in the death of her five year old stepson.

Crystal Williams remained stone faced Tuesday as she was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

Crystal Williams is one of three people charged with serious bodily injury to a child in the death of Josiah Williams. Josiah Williams's family spoke Tuesday in the courtroom and they say after Crystal's sentencing they feel justice for Josiah.

"This is the day that our family was hoping for, your judgment day, today your faith was in someone else's hands," says, family cousin, Barbara Perez

Crystal Williams will serve 99 years in a Texas state prison. She plead guilty to charges of felony serious bodily injury to a child. Prosecutors say Williams, along with Josiah's father, Charleston Williams and step Grandmother Gloria Proo starved and beat him in their care in 2012.

"What kind of mother did you have to think your actions were justified?," says, Perez

Josiah was living with his maternal grandmother in June of 2012 when his father came and took him to live with him and his step mother Crystal. Prosecutors say for nearly 6 months they locked Josiah in a room, denying him food, water and the ability to use the restroom.

"Only a truly wicked person could continue through all his cries you heard, his pleas and continued hurt. I hope every time you close your eyes you see his face," says, Perez

Josiah's mother was in prison when he died. Tuesday, she was able to face the woman who saw her son alive last.

"You ruined my sons life, you ruined my life, and you ruined my family's life for having to see those pictures," says, Josiah's mother, Carlotta Belleza

Josiah's father and step grandmother are still awaiting trial, their court date has not been set. Crystal Williams is eligible for parole after 30 years.

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