State concludes investigation of local firefighter's death

(SBG San Antonio photo)

This week, city leaders will get a look at the report the state has finished on the tragic death of local firefighter Scott Deem.

Nine months ago Deem died in the line of duty while fighting a fire on Ingram road. Although the fire was determined to be arson, the state and other agencies are looking into if any other factors contributed to his death.

The state today told News 4 San Antonio that "the report" would be published on Thursday after a press conference. But what's in that document, which the city had in its possession for sometime, will be discussed tomorrow during a closed door City Council Executive Meeting with the City Attorney.

The report will include a look at the fire scene, an examination of the personal protective equipment, a review of the fire ground operation and tactics used, and we will see a detailed sequence of events using radio transmissions and witnesses from the horrific night when Scott Patrick Deem died.

The fire fatality coordinator also tells us that they will do a follow up in one year to see if the recommended changes have been made by the San Antonio Fire Department.

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