State agency wants help preventing student, teacher relationships


SAN ANTONIO-The Texas Education Association is asking for more investigators to meet the demand from the increase in inappropriate teacher students relationships.

Filing for funding for three more employees in their investigation unit, bringing the number to ten unit for the entire state.

"But they have a pretty big case load," said Lauren Callahan with the T.E.A.

Data released recently showed this past school year inappropriate relationships between teachers and students were at an all time high.

"Social media has a lot to do with it," said parent Robert Hernandez.

"They don't have Facebook anything like that e-mails go through me," said Lisa Burroughs.

Another request the T.E.A. is making is to have an electronic media policy for every school district that clearly states the expectations for social media interactions.

"Probably 99% of cases that come across the investigators desks, of an inappropriate relationships, have something to do with social media or electronic media," said Callahan.

All to hopefully curb this growing and dangerous trend.

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