Staph infection turns life-threatening for Harlingen teen

A Harlingen teen was hospitalized after a staph infection turned life-threatening.

Nohemi Adame had the scare of her life in early November when her son, Eladio Flores, felt sick after his football game.

Adame says she took her son to get medical treatment at Harlingen Medical Center, but his symptoms only got worse the next day.

The family then took Flores to Edinburg Children's Hospital, where he had to undergo surgery for staph infection that turned into Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

"Because they needed to do an emergency operation on his arm. He had too much infection and if they would have wait until Monday, I wouldn't have a son," Adame said.

Dr. Sauceda of the Valley Children's Clinic says the infection can start from a small pimple and become a serious case.

"The infection gets so bad that it ends up being better for the patient losing part of a leg or part of an arm instead of losing their life," Sauceda said.

Flores was discharged Thursday from Edinburg Children's and is being closely monitored by his family.

CBS 4 News reached out to Harlingen Medical Center for a comment and they sent a statement saying:

"Due to federal laws protecting patient privacy, we cannot release any patient information without the permission of the parent or guardian. Patient safety remains our top priority in caring for our patients."

A gofundme page has been created for Flores.

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