St. Vinny's Bistro at Haven for Hope issues urgent plea for help

St. Vinny's Bistro at Haven for Hope issues urgent plea for help

A local volunteer organization is in desperate need of help.

St. Vincent De Paul at Haven for Hope needs volunteers to help feed the homeless.

It's lunch time at Haven for Hope and the kitchen at St. Vinny's Bistro is scrambling to get ready to serve around 400 homeless people that have gathered and waiting in line. It's a scene that is repeated 3 times a day, 7 days a week for the last 35 years.

Reci Duval a shift leader there explains, "Three meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner. And also we make sack lunches for the people that live here that work."

But lately coming up with the help needed to pull off these lunches has been a bit of a magic trick because there just aren't enough volunteers to get the job done.

I even stepped in to help serve because the serving line was short.

"We need at least 7-8 people on each shift, like breakfast we need 8 people, and lunch we need 8 people" says Duval.

And the same for dinner. And right now they only have 5-6 total to cover all the shifts. Reci is just one of example of how St Vincent De Paul and Haven for Hope have helped turn her life around. She was homeless but now she has hope again.

So does Larry Lopez, a veteran who fell on hard times, and Timmon Lott who’s now the warehouse manager.

"I started off as a volunteer and then it progressed into a volunteer training program and then the next step was to put me on staff as a kitchen employee," says Larry Lopez

And Timmon Lott explains, "I like the job because I like giving back. Because as the saying goes I've been there and done it."

St Vinny's Bistro is not only in need of volunteers but also food donations or monetary donations. If you'd like to help call 210-225-7837 or visit St. Vincent De Paul website.

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