Snow surprises South Texas residents

Snow surprises South Texas residents (SBG San Antonio)

CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas -- There is snow on the ground in South Texas. Some parts southwest of San Antonio were still getting snowflakes into the afternoon.

People in Carrizo Springs are enjoying the winter surprise. They expected rain, maybe sleet, when they went to bed Wednesday night. But there was snow on the ground as far west as Eagle Pass, and people have been having what fun they can before it goes away.

Snow was also still falling into the afternoon in Crystal City, making it look like the inside of snow globe. Roy Lopez was born in Crystal City and said the last time it snowed here was in the mid-eighties.

As temperatures climbed, the melting snow created some messy spots on the road in Carrizo Springs. Maria Muniz still had to go into work, but that didn't stop her from having fun.

"Can't make it all about work," Maria told us.

With temperatures in the seventies on Monday, Maria says a lot of people were surprised Thursday morning.

"I had my brother and my dad, and they call me up and like “Hey, you need to go outside. It's a White Christmas," said Maria.

The expectation for the winter months around these parts is a cooled off version of summer. The snow makes for what Muniz calls an ‘exciting change.’

"We didn't even think we were going to have a winter," added Maria.

All of it was melting late Thursday afternoon. People are now concerned about it refreezing overnight.

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