Smithson Valley swimmer accused of putting antifreeze in fellow student's drink

Smithson Valley High School (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Shocking allegations out of the Comal Independent School District.

A Smithson Valley High School student is accused of trying to poison another student with antifreeze. The senior on the swim team is accused of intentionally putting antifreeze into another swimmers drink.

Doctors with the South Texas Poison Center say drinking even small amounts of anti-freeze, or ethylene glycol, can damage your kidneys. For someone weighing 115 pounds, one-third of a cup can be deadly.

Shawn Varney is the medical director for the center.

“If you weren’t suspecting it at all, you may notice a funny taste," Varney said. "You may notice the drink you have is a little thicker than normal. Otherwise you might not even realize it.”

Doctors said it would take several hours before someone realized they were poisoned with antifreeze.

“It can cause kidney damage," Varney said. "It can make you intoxicated as if you are drunk and it can also affect the heart.”

The Comal Independent School District confirms the allegations in a statement.

As part of the disciplinary consequences, the student who allegedly put antifreeze in another student’s drink is no longer on campus. There may be further disciplinary action depending the outcome of law enforcement’s investigation.

The Comal County Sheriff’s Department confirms they are investigating, adding that no arrests have been made in this case.

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