Smithson Valley High School student arrested for putting antifreeze in drink

Paige Nicole Jackson was arrested for allegedly tampering with a consumer product. (Photo courtesy Comal County Sheriff’s Department)

CIBOLO, Texas (KABB/WOAI) - A 17-year old Smithson Valley High School student has been arrested and charged for allegedly putting antifreeze in another student’s drink.

Paige Nicole Jackson was arrested on Tuesday and now faces charges of tampering with a consumer product.

Jennifer Smith, spokesperson for the Comal County Sheriff’s Department says, “The preliminary investigation revealed the suspect admitted to putting antifreeze in the victim’s drink.”

Jackson is accused of putting antifreeze into another student’s drink before school the morning of November 30th. Sources close to the situation say Jackson had allegedly been upset with the other girl for several weeks because the girl was dating her ex-boyfriend. Sources say that morning Jackson brought the other girl a so-called peace offering, tainted with the anti-freeze.

"She tasted it and immediately knew there was something wrong with it. I believe she poured some of it out and there was a green tint to it,” added Smith.

The victim’s mother took her to a nearby hospital where doctors checked her out and decided she was okay. Law experts say the charge Jackson is facing is a second degree felony, just like attempted murder.

“You have the same punishment range, but it’s easier to prove, the tampering with consumer product case.” explained Gerald Reamey, a law professor at St. Mary’s University Law School. “It’s easier to prove because when the substance is added to a consumer product. All you have to know is that it will probably result in serious bodily injury.”

The Comal County Independent School District maintains their statement from last week that the student is no longer on campus.

“Once the district gets official notification of the charges from law enforcement, we will review them and determine what, if any, additional disciplinary measures will be taken," they added.

Jackson was released on bail.

The sheriff’s department says their investigation continues.

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