Small Business Saturday starts a day early for some local vendors

Vendors selling merchandise on Black Friday. ((SBG San Antonio))

SAN ANTONIO -- Some local businesses in San Antonio are trying to get a jump on their larger national competitors this Black Friday.

Shoppers at the Pearl are saying no to the Black Friday sales at major stores and instead looking local.

"The big businesses are good but you get more personality and more feeling from the small business," said shopper Anna Logan.

Vendors like Catherine Contreras, owner of Barbacoa Apparel, are trying to get their piece of the Black Friday pie.

“We just want the money to go back into the city and back into the local artists and local merchants,” Contreras said.

Mike Delao owns Lucky Dog Bakery and Boutique and has been selling homemade dog treats for 5 years.

“When I buy stuff, this is all local, everything that you see, it’s all local. I don’t go out of town, I don’t buy wholesale, I get it from actual farms here in town,” said Delao.

According to a study done by American Express, $.67 for every dollar spent with a small business stays in the local community.

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