Sinkhole nearly swallows 2 people in San Antonio area

    Sinkhole nearly swallows 2 people

    UPDATE: A temporary cover has been placed on the sinkhole.

    Temporary sinkhole repair (SBG Photo).

    SAN ANTONIO - Recent precipitation could be causing an increase in sinkholes throughout the San Antonio area.

    On Tuesday Jorge Cortez had been visiting his sick daughter at Methodist Hospital, when he felt something unusual under his feet.

    "It felt like I got hit by a bus,” said Jorge Cortez. “The ground just opened, and it seemed like it wanted to eat us alive. My whole leg went in, while my other leg went another way.”

    He and his nephew, George Cortez, both ended up in the large sinkhole.

    A nearby construction worker was able to pull them to safety minutes later.

    Jorge tells us he hurt his knee, pulled his hamstring, and sprained his ankle. He believes it could have been a whole lot worse, had a pipe not stopped their fall.

    "My nephew went completely inside. The only thing you could see was his collar bone and head area. Also, his hands, trying to grab the ground."

    The hole near Methodist Hospital was filled within hours. However, others continue to appear throughout town.

    Homeowners along Liberty Bell Street say a sinkhole has been causing problems for almost 2 weeks.

    "It's not safe to have a hole on the street, that's supposed to be safe for cars and big trucks to drive on,” said Crystal Ellis who lives on Liberty Bell Street.

    The hole on Liberty Bell Street is about 12 inches wide, and 4 feet deep.

    “It's a safety hazard for one,” said Ellis. “I mean nothing is being done to prevent it, or keep it from getting worse.”

    Some sort of pipe is visible if you look into the hole. City officials tell us that because of that pipe, CPS Energy would need to fix the problem.

    CPS Energy looked at the sinkhole Wednesday evening, but so far it remains uncovered.

    "Somebody is dropping the ball somewhere, and I’m having to pay for it,” said Ellis. “Maneuvering around this hole, that I had nothing to do with."

    The city tells us that sinkholes are normally filled within 24-48 hours.

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