Deputy sheriff shows smuggling hot spots, immigrant hideouts in Dimmit County


    DIMMIT COUNTY, TX - The Dimmit County Sheriff's Office is calling for stronger border security.

    This comes after five undocumented immigrants died yesterday in a crash following chase with border patrol.

    Several are still in the hospital.

    The Dimmit County Sheriff's Office says the county is a sort of hub for smugglers and undocumented immigrants; a hideout before they travel to bigger cities like San Antonio.

    Deputy Jose Diaz has only been in the force for two years and he's already been in ten car chases.

    All of them from stemming from smugglers; undocumented immigrants at the center of it all.

    None of them ended as badly as what unfolded on Sunday.

    Five immigrants died after a chase with law enforcement.

    "It's sad because those are lives," Diaz said. "Just because they are from another country don't mean anything. They bleed just like you or I do.'

    That's what fuels Deputy Diaz to stop illegal immigration.

    He pulls over a driver for speeding but he's always keeping an eye out for potential smuggling.

    "It's constant," Diaz said.

    Deputy Diaz shows us where the hot spots are.

    Where places like Highway 85 turn into dirt county roads.

    "They come here on a daily basis," Diaz said. "Load as many people as they can in a vehicle."

    He said immigrants hide in the bushes.

    Smugglers eventually haul them away like cargo to bigger cities like San Antonio.

    "We catch one vehicle and the next day we hear about 42 bodies loaded up," Diaz said.

    The work here never stops.

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