Several road projects delayed due to recent rains

SAN ANTONIO - The recent rains have delayed some major road projects across the city.

Over the weekend closures on I-10 at Fair Oaks Parkway and I-35 on the Northeast Side were all cancelled because of the weather.

Crews were supposed to finish pouring concrete and laying asphalt. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT,) it could take another month to complete.

"Dirt becomes mud (and) it's really hard to work with that. Also concrete. We try to do as much as we can but it slows down the drying time for that concrete , It really slogs us quite a bit ," said Josh Donat a TXDOT spokesperson.

However, by this Friday, crews are expected to re-open the Hunt Lane exit along Highway 151, which could bring some traffic relief.

"The folks living on Hunt Lane they've been exiting through to two, three intersections to get to where they need to go. This is going to free up traffic quite a bit along that little corridor," added Donat.

If you plan on traveling this holiday season, make sure to check for any road closures.

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