School Districts propose expanding Pre-K programs


    The success of the city's PreK4SA is now inspiring school districts to follow in their footsteps,

    At least 8 districts are considering changing from a part time to full time Pre-K program.

    Colleen Bohrman with the Northeast ISD says her district wants to do even more.

    "We'll have extended days so a parent can drop off their student at 6:50 we will have day care all the way until 6:30." Bohrman said.

    A plan that will only work if districts can find the funding.

    "The state provides about approximately $3,250 of ADA for every child, qualifying students for a half day Pre-K,” said Bohrman, “The district’s responsibility then would be to find the other 3,250 dollars."

    Finding some of the funding in grants, NEISD is betting big on their Pre-K plans, by renovating a current building to a full-time facility.

    "We have seen a declining enrollment in West Avenue, it's landlocked and we're not seeing any additional building that's going to occur." Bohrman said.

    As school districts prepare to provide a service for the people who count on them for a helping hand.

    "We are so excited for the opportunity for our parents, our parents know the value of an education." Bohrman said.

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