SAWS, CPS Energy share tips to save money during winter months


There's something you can do now to save money on your utility bill all next year.

SAWS and CPS Energy are sharing how inexpensive improvements, things that cost $5, which can save you a bunch of money

Rodney davis says he's always learning, and the 68-year old retired school teacher learned an important lesson early on.

“If it's not in use turn it off,” said Davis. So if I'm not using water, I'm not using electricity, turn the thing off."

Davis says most of his friends are energy aware too, but a few still get a high bill in the mail every now and then.

SAWS says one way to save some money is a thing called winter averaging.

“The water you use during the winter months of the year determines your sewer charges from saws for all of 2018," said Karen Guz, conservation director at SAWS.

Another way of putting it, shutting off the sprinkler system now could pay dividends.

"It won't just save you money that month it'll save you every other month of the year," said Guz.

On Tuesday, workers from CPS Energy were showing seniors ways they could prepare their homes for winter and also save on their electric bill.

"Any way you can save money is a good way to do it," said Davis.

SAWS says the winter averaging period lasts from November until about mid-January or the first part of February.

Click here more info on how to save during the winter months.

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