Saturated ground makes flash flooding conditions possible


    SAN ANTONIO--- Raymond Rimkus Park in Leon Valley is a prime example of a place that floods when we get the heavy storms.

    Monday nights flooding left debris all over the trees, standing water and mud! It's quiet now but what we all have to remember that with the ground this saturated, it takes just one good heavy downpour and this place will fill with water again!

    We've already received between 6-10 inches of rain and the ground right now is like a sponge. It can only take so much water and then it can't take anymore and right now that sponge, our ground, is full! It will take a lot less rain to start the flooding so we all need to look out.

    "It can be dangerous! Especially since we have kiddos here in the park! One could just easily water down there and there’s this great big puddle of water."

    Magda Alt and her family live right across the street from the park and know first hand just how quickly things can change.

    "I hope that people are cautious by looking out, by being on the lookout especially after when you have days of rain, so I hope they are cautious," exclaims Alt.

    It's a scene that's being repeated all over South Texas right now. Conditions going from calm to a raging river in creeks, streams, ditches and low water crossings.

    Like yesterday at Highway 90 and Leon Creek where the water raged for hours or one of the 60 plus high- water rescue calls that the San Antonio Fire Department responded to so far this week.

    The bottom line is if you live or plan to go to somewhere that has already flooded pay extra attention to the radar and watch the skies because it won't take much to put you in harms way.

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