SAPD: Misconceptions about Car Crashes


    SAN ANTONIO – From small fender benders to full-on collisions, many of us have been in a crash out on the roadways. However, the San Antonio Police Department says there are many misconceptions about what to do after you’ve been in one.

    The biggest one Officer Ernest Natal with Traffic Unit sees?

    “We do not need to leave the vehicles on the roadway for the officer to determine who is at fault,” Natal says. “You’re blatantly just tying up the freeway.”

    Doing so blocks access for first responders and emergency resources. It also comes with a fine that will cost you $202.

    Natal also says there is a big problem with people calling in the wrong location of a collision.

    “Just because you’re staring at a sign that says I’m here at 410 and Evers, that does not mean you’re at 410 and Evers,” he says. He recommends mentioning mile markers or land markers when reporting the accident.

    When it comes to more severe car crashes, Natal says turn off your engine.

    “There’s also a misconception that when the airbag goes off, a lot of people think their car is on fire. And it really isn’t. If the airbag deployed, it’s kind of like an explosion. It does have powder in it to keep from sticking.”

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