San Antonio Zoo begins upgrade to rhino habitat

Rendering of Rhino habitat (Courtesy: San Antonio Zoo)

Expect a whole new experience at the San Antonio Zoo as renovations are underway for a new rhino habitat.

The new area will connect to The Savannah area, where zoo guests currently see the giraffes, and will house rhinos, zebras, crown cranes, waterbucks, sitatungas and marabou storks.

“Once completed, the rhino habitat will contain a passage that will allow different species of animals the opportunity to move between areas of The Savanna. Our desire is to create enriching opportunities for the animals in our care, and to provide guests with a true African savanna-like experience," said Tim Morrow, CEO and Executive Director of the San Antonio Zoo.

There is an important reason behind the significant upgrade: the zoo plans to begin a new breeding program with the arrival of two female rhinos and a male rhino in 2019.

In a statement, the San Antonio Zoo said it was the first facility in North America to birth a white rhino (in 1972). In all, there have been 20 rhino births at the zoo since that time.

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