San Antonio woman uses coupons to help Hurricane Harvey victims

Using coupons for Harvey victims (KABB/WOAI)

One San Antonio, Texas, woman is going above and beyond to help those in need.

"I definitely have a screw loose," said Kimberly Gager.

Her home’s garage, looks more like a small Walmart or Target. Boxes and shelves are filled with items, to help Hurricane Harvey victims. Gager even admits it herself, she's addicted to shopping.

"It's no secret, I have a problem,” said Gager jokingly. “But, it's a good problem. Especially when you can help people out."

Although she already has a full-time job, she enjoys collecting and using coupons for fun. However, now she’s putting her skills to the test.

"If it's not on sale, I won't buy it, said Gager"

Kimberly setup a page on Facebook, requesting donations to help her with the purchases. Grager is well versed with her coupons. She estimates that she has saved thousands of dollars, while buying supplies for hurricane victims.

"I need the hurricane evacuees to know, I have diapers and wipes,” said Gager. “I'm willing to drive and take it to them."

Back in 1999 Hurricane Floyd destroyed Kimberly’s Virginia home, motivating her even more to help current victims throughout Texas.

"I just really like doing this, and I like helping people,” said Gager. “But people really think I'm crazy."

So far, Kimberly has helped dozens of evacuated families including Richard Luna, from Seadrift, TX.

"We live day by day right now, putting our house together,” said Luna. “Trying to get it fixed so we can move back in.

Kimberly says she’s still trying to find people to help, as she knows many more evacuees are still living in the San Antonio area.

"I'll just keep buying and keep going, until everyone is taken care of, said Gager."

"People that help when we're down, that's what it's all about, said Luna"

If you know anyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey that could use Gager’s help, visit HERE.

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