San Antonio woman slips off cliff, survives 60-100 feet fall


SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio woman's survival after slipping off of a cliff is being described as a miracle.

24-year-old Raven Lawrence was vacationing in Hawaii with her family. It was the last day of their trip when Lawrence and her sister went on a last-minute walk to see the beach.

"My sister and myself were bored so that's what we decided we wanted to do, just take one more walk," said Lawrence, recounting that day.

Their decision was almost deadly.

"I ended up going into an area that was pretty slippery and the soil was wet and I was unable to control my steps and where I was going," Lawrence said.

She lost control, slipped and fell 60-100 ft off the island ledge. The fall shattered her wrist, fractured her neck and spine, broke ribs, punctured her lungs and injured her heels and ankles.

She lay there as her sister, who also fell off but was able to stop herself, climbed back up to the surface to call for help.

"She didn't have service. She had to climb back up on her hands and knees to the top of the cliff again and then call my dad," Lawrence said.

With little detail and direction, her sister was able to help their dad find their location.

"She's the unsung hero," Lawrence said. "I don't think I was in plain sight of anyone. I would have just sat there and maybe the waves would have gotten big and made it worse," said Lawrence.

The treacherous rocky conditions made it impossible for first responders to reach her on foot. She was airlifted.

"My daughter is the strongest person that I know," said Lawrence's mother, Anjeanette Lawrence.

The incident happened Jan. 11. Lawrence spent weeks in the hospital undergoing several reconstructive surgeries. She was finally able to fly back to San Antonio the first week of February.

"I remember the very first time she looked at me and smiled and I was like she's going to be okay, that's my girl," said Anjeanette Lawrence.

Her recovery will take some time but Lawrence remains optimistic.

"There's got to be a bigger reason for me to be on this earth so you know, I just got to figure it out," Lawrence said.

Lawrence's recovery will require specialty treatment and physical therapy. If you would like to donate to help her with medical costs, click here.

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