San Antonio SAFFE officers training to use Nextdoor app to better connect with community

(SBG San Antonio photo)

San Antonio police are now training on the popular neighborhood app Nextdoor to connect with communities and crimes.

"It allows us to reach a lot of citizens that are actually in our service area." said San Antonio Police Department spokesman Carlos Ortiz.

More than 60 SAPD San Antonio Fear Free Environment Unit officers will learn how to monitor and post on the app to better improve communication between neighborhoods and police. The SAFFE officers are within the city's six substations. There are about 18 districts per substation. After teaming up with Nextdoor, the officers will now have access to their district's posts.

"We actually got with the company and they were able to use our maps and actually map out our service areas even breaking it down to the district," said Ortiz.

Officers can use Nextdoor to blast out emergency notifications, warnings, safety tips, investigation updates and other information for a specific neighborhood.

"For my area, I'm only able to see the things going on in my neighborhood but that's where I think Nextdoor is really helping us out because as things are happening in specific neighborhoods, the officers assigned to that area are able to pin-point that area, district, surrounding neighborhoods, disseminate that information to those neighbors or Nextdoor users," said Ortiz.

SAFFE officers are already using the app but official training for all SAFFE officers will be held on Jan. 17.

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