San Antonio police post tribute to fallen officer Benjamin Marconi

(Courtesy of San Antonio police department)

SAN ANTONIO -- Tomorrow marks one year since a San Antonio detective was killed in the line of duty.

The San Antonio police department released a five-minute video to its Facebook page Sunday evening in remembrance of officer Benjamin Marconi, who was shot and killed while writing a ticket outside Public Safety Headquarters. Marconi, a 20-year veteran with the force, had two children.

Otis McKane, 31, received a capital murder indictment Feb. 14 for his involvement in Marconi's murder.

"Whether you're close to someone or not, when you're in this profession it's like your children," said David Munoz II, a detective with the police department. "You could go years without seeing them but it doesn't change how close you are to someone. We are all a family."

Watch the full tribute video below.

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