San Antonio police on alert for possible "dangerous" elevator vandal

    San Antonio police on alert for possible "dangerous" elevator vandal (SBG Photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police are on alert for an “elevator vandal”.

    “The safety of the public is our number one priority,” said the SAPD Public Information Office.

    We met with Greg Tamez Friday, a business representative from the International Union of Elevator Constructors.

    According to Tamez, the elevator union includes roughly 200 elevator workers from the area.

    “There is a person going around vandalizing elevators,” said Tamez. “Because of my position, I see the pattern develop, and see that this is a dangerous situation.”

    According to Tamez, members of the elevator union have noticed nine San Antonio elevators tampered with throughout the last two weeks.

    We asked what places have been hit.

    "The Alamodome,” Tamez responded. “Alamo Community College, Fort Sam Houston, and University Hospital.”

    Tamez said whoever is responsible, has displayed unusual behavior. Sometimes, elevator parts have been removed, moved around, or replaced. In most instances, the elevators were inoperable after they were tampered with.

    “Obviously this individual has knowledge, or training,” said Tamez. “Should he get to other components of the elevator, he could circumvent certain safety circuits that we have. He could have the potential of injury to the public.”

    “He could essentially hijack an elevator?” we asked. “Correct,” Tamez responded.

    In one instance, Tamez said he believes the person responsible managed to climb on top of an elevator cab.

    "Why would a button five floors up, that's basically impossible to reach, how would that be pushed, when the elevator is down at the bottom landing" said Tamez.

    San Antonio police confirm a “suspicious person” did tamper with an elevator at the Alamodome in January.

    According to a SAPD spokesperson, a suspicious person was confronted by security, but managed to escape.

    A leaked surveillance photo, taken at the Alamodome, shows a person of interest.

    Many people are confused as to why someone would want to tamper with elevators.

    We asked if there was any noticeable incentive.

    “Not that I can tell,” he responded. “It’s just very bizarre behavior. He could easily open the door, hop on top of it, close the doors, and no one would even know he’s there."

    “We encourage anyone to immediately report any suspicious activity to police,” said a SAPD spokesperson.

    Authorities and members of the Alamodome say the Alamodome has been checked, and is safe.

    In response to a report of alleged elevator tampering, Alamodome staff immediately notified SAPD and Kone, the Alamodome’s elevator/escalator contractor,” said Andrea Delaune from the Alamodome. “Kone inspected the facility’s elevator mechanical systems to insure that all were in proper working condition. We are taking every precaution necessary to insure the safety of all visitors.”—Patricia Musquiz Cantor, Director, Convention & Sports Facilities.

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