San Antonio Pets Alive! saves numerous animals from Houston flooding

(Photos courtesy of San Antonio Pets Alive!)

San Antonio Pets Alive! traveled to Houston to save animals stuck in flooded areas.

The group saved 13 cats, 5 kittens and 8 large dogs weighing more than 45 pounds. Luckily, the "Tail Waggin’" returned to San Antonio without incident.

“The weather got scarier the closer we got to Houston, and we started seeing more of the damage Harvey’s fury unleashed. Some roads were flooded causing us to go around trouble spots to keep the people and animals safe. It’s not hard to see the impact of all the devastation, and I really feel for the animals we saved. They were homeless and on the streets as Harvey hit, and never had a shelter until they were picked up by rescuers. I can imagine them shivering, wet, scared by the thunder, and without a place to hide. I’m thankful the worst of their ordeal is now over, but there will be hundreds more pets needing help. I’m ready to make another trip, assuming the storm will let us," Tail Waggin’ Manager Denise Trevino said.

Tonight, the animals will be sent to foster homes where they will receive protection and love after surviving the trauma left by Harvey.

“While our mission is specifically to help the animals who end up at the city shelter, we cannot turn a blind eye to our neighbors in their time of need. The animals in Houston have found themselves out of options, just like the animals we save from the euthanasia kennels. We will be continuing our San Antonio operations as usual, but we are glad to be able to help Houston’s most vulnerable animal populations. Those who want to help have several options, including donating, fostering, volunteering, or bringing supplies," Executive Director Maureen E. O’Nell said.

Donations can be made through SAPA!'s website. Those interested in fostering can click here. For questions or more information, email Volunteers can email:

A list of needed supplies can be found here. Donations can be dropped off or mailed to 9107 Marbach Road, Suite #109, San Antonio, TX 78245.

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