San Antonio now recognized worldwide for its culinary scene

Photo courtesy City of San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Our city has a fresh new designation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). San Antonio is now a ‘creative city of gastronomy.’ That means San Antonio is getting some major recognition for its culinary scene.

Even though President Trump announced last month that he's pulling the U.S. out of UNESCO, Mayor Ron Nirenberg says he's happy that San Antonio is getting recognized as a culinary destination.

“Within the last couple of decades, we've seen a real flourishing of our culinary industry here that we get to enjoy every day, but now we'll be recognized internationally,” said Nirenberg.

The designation also makes the city a part of UNESCO's creative cities network.

“This designation is a great honor for San Antonio,” Nirenberg said. “As a Creative City of Gastronomy, we will seek to strengthen and expand international connections, share our culinary arts and heritage globally and further market San Antonio as an international culinary destination. We look forward to actively participating in the Network, which is aligned with our dedication to sustainable and equitable urban planning.”

“This is an exciting time for the culinary arts in San Antonio. The designation reinforces the creativity and hard work of every individual who participates in and supports the local culinary community and the philanthropy of so many groups,” said local Chef Johnny Hernandez. “From showcasing our culinary heritage to sharing local innovations and leading the way with San Antonio’s brand of culinary diplomacy, the opportunities afforded us as a City of Gastronomy are all reasons for San Antonio to celebrate today.”

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