San Antonio home to be demolished unless appeal is made

San Antonio home to be demolished unless appeal is made.

If an appeal isn’t made by August 18th, one San Antonio home could be destroyed. According to Code Enforcement, the house located on West Wildwood Drive had its water and power shut-off weeks ago. A notice to vacate has also been given.

“During our Councilman to Community event last week, a property was pointed out to me by my staff that was recently the subject of significant attention by SAPD and Code Enforcement,” said District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino in a prepared statement. “As a result of my staff working with those departments, the structure was referred to the BSB, who slated it for demolition.”

Many people familiar with the home along W. Wildwood Drive, are worried because of alleged drug paraphernalia surrounding the area.

“I’m afraid to even walk in the grass because of the needles and different things like that,” said Raymond Charles who delivers mail in the area. “Not just for me, but for everyone else. There are kids in the neighborhood.”

According to San Antonio Police, authorities have responded to 23 calls at this home in the last 6 months. The report indicates a majority of those calls involved threats, fights, or narcotics.

“The DART Unit was at the location last week and we have a notice to vacate the property,” said a representative from SAPD. “Unfortunately we have to wait for it to go through the appeals process.”

We knocked on the home’s front door for comment, but no one responded. According to Code Enforcement, if an appeal isn’t given by August 18th, the house could be demolished.

“This is a good example of the close working relationship my office has with our City partners to address issues that challenge our neighborhood communities and impact quality of life,” said Councilman Trevino. “In speaking with neighbors, I am happy this issue has been addressed and will soon be resolved for the benefit of the neighborhood."

“Other than that the neighborhood is great, the people are great,” said Charles. “Outside of that one really bad apple.”

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