San Antonio Fire Department chief cautions residents to stay warm safely

San Antonio Fire Department discusses cold weather fires, offers fire safety tips - News 4 at 5pm


SAN ANTONIO -- The cold weather has been keeping firefighters really busy battling fires accidentally caused by people trying to stay warm.

Wednesday, San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood said he wants to make sure people try to stay warm safely and to make sure they're not using any kind of open flames inside.

He also said houses where there's a hoarding problem make it even tougher to fight fires and help victims.

"It makes it very difficult for the rescuers to get in,” said Chief Hood. “It makes it extremely difficult for those in the house to get out. It increases the fire load to a volume, where a lot of times we cannot go in and control those fires."

In the past few days, the fire department has responded to a number of fires related to the cold weather and people trying to stay warm.

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