San Antonio College to receive $68,000 for cybersecurity education program

    (SBG San Antonio photo)

    San Antonio College (SAC) will receive federal funding from the United States Department of Education to support its cybersecurity education technological upgrades pilot program.

    Congressman Joaquin Castro announced Tuesday the college will receive $68,996 in funds for its program.

    “Cyber City USA, San Antonio is a national leader in cybersecurity and institutions like San Antonio College (SAC) help further our contributions to national security," Castro said.

    The federal grant will improve the school’s cybersecurity course offerings and establish a lab for teaching students real-world application of programming, networking and cybersecurity through simulated scenarios. San Antonio College's cybersecurity program has been in place for two years.

    Veterans will be able to complete cybersecurity training and enter jobs in all levels of government through another grant from the National Science Foundation’s pilot Cyber Service Scholarship program.

    "It’s clear SAC is a leader in developing our next generation of cybersecurity analysts and practitioners, and I know this grant will help continue their work in reaffirming San Antonio’s contribution to making our nation safer in cyberspace," Castro said.

    Castro said the grant will run from Oct. 1, 2018 through Sept. 30, 2020 and will support San Antonio College's efforts to improve its cybersecurity education offerings.

    San Antonio College intends to use the federal funding to create a dedicated laboratory to enable their Computer Information Systems faculty to teach students through simulated scenarios based on real-world, workplace-based applications of programming, networking and cybersecurity.

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