San Antonio businesses see big impact from Alamo Bowl fans


Thousands of fans are coming into town for the 25th Valero Alamo Bowl.

But through all the fun and pageantry, it's an important couple of days for the San Antonio economy.

Kickoff is still a couple days away, but fans on both sides are already making their predictions for the Alamo Bowl

“Obviously Stanford is going to win," said Trae Gould, a Stanford fan from the bay area.

"Hopefully we're going to win,” said Patrick Zeller, a junior wide receiver for TCU.

“The Stanford defense is going to step up big,” said Teresa Gould.

The bowl game is celebrating its silver anniversary this year.

“We're young in bowl years,” said Derrick Fox, CEO for the Valero Alamo Bowl. “The Rose Bowl is hundred and something years old. We're still relatively young."

As its grown over the span of 25 years, Fox says the days around the game are big for the city of San Antonio

“That's $35, $40 million in direct economic impact," said Fox.

Thousands of fans like Teresa and Trae Gould come into the town for the game.

"We went on [the Riverwalk] a couple times yesterday and the day before,” said Trae. “The food there is amazing.”

Even the players say San Antonio is a top destination to play a bowl game.

“All the people are really, really nice,” said Zeller. “A lot of fun stuff to do. They honestly just make it easy for us to have a great time and a fun time."

The Alamo Bowl kicks off at 8 pm on Thursday.

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