San Antonio animal rescuer loses five beloved dogs in devastating fire

    Pam lost four of her dogs and one of her foster dogs in the fire (left). One of her dogs, Ayla, survived after Pam pulled her from her burning home. (Photos: Courtesy of Pam Hackett)

    SAN ANTONIO -- As a teacher and animal rescuer, Pam Hackett knows how to prepare for things.

    During her years of teaching, she's prepared lessons for her students, prepared them to move up and prepared herself for them to move on. During her years of rescuing and fostering animals, Pam has prepared many bowls of food, prepared her foster pups to socialize and prepared herself to let them move on to their forever homes.

    But what Pam could not prepare for was the horror that met her when she returned home from work earlier this week. As she approached her house, she realized it was one fire.

    Although black smoke was everywhere, Pam ran inside to try to save her "babies." She spotted Ayla, who was barely breathing, and dragged her to the deck. Pam said she opened her front door, yelled for help and then dashed back inside to try to find the rest of her dogs.

    She found Bo in a bedroom and tried to pull him out. Unable to breathe, Pam ran to the door. As she tried to go back inside, she was held back by her neighbors.

    Pam was rushed to North Central Baptist Hospital for treatment and was then transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center. She is recovering, now just suffering from a bad cough.

    She later learned the damage at her house was worse than she originally thought. The flames, smoke and water destroyed the entire first floor of her home. Worst of all, the fire claimed the lives of four of her beloved dogs, Bo, Dory, Sasha and Cody, as well as one of her fosters, Barkley.

    "Losing my babies has been heartbreaking to me," Pam told us. "I’m living my worst nightmare."

    Pam said six puppies she was also fostering and who were behind a closed door, miraculously survived. Ayla, the dog she was able to pull from her burning home, also survived. Ayla has now been released from a veterinary hospital and is on the road to recovery.

    How you can help

    Pam's family and friends have now launched a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to help her pay vet bills, living expenses, etc. as she works to rebuild her life and mend her broken heart. CLICK HERE to learn more...

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