SAMMinistries to close 'Furniture for a Cause' store

SAMMinistries (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO --- One of San Antonio’s largest charities has just announced it's closing a portion of its nonprofit.

Dan Bradley has been with furniture for a cause since it opened its doors in 2004. He says within the last few years both sales and donations have slowed down dramatically.

"At one point it was probably a 50 percent cut in sales and traffic coming into the store,” said Furniture for a Cause employee Dan Bradley.

Furniture for a cause is a store with some new and some used pieces. The store would pick up donated furniture from folks' homes and then resell it, all of the proceeds would go to SAMMinistiries. But, recently the furniture donations were not coming in like the past. Bradley says at one time they had two trucks out picking up donations 6 days a week and recently it became one truck working a few days a week.

"As far as people calling and donating, the calls have slowed down quite a bit, so I would imagine since its more convenient to put it on Craigslist, and they even have a free list, you can just come and pick it up,” said Bradley.

And the building has been leased for the past 14 years. The ministries president and CEO says with that lease up now, this was the best decision for them.

"Overtime the store was making money and providing financial return back to the ministry, but this is a leased facility, had it been maybe a purchased facility, then we wouldn't have had that overhead in terms of the lease,” said President and CEO of SAAMinistries Navarra Williams.

Several offices were also houses in this building, now SAMMinistries offices will all be under one roof.

And they will continue to take furniture donations at their SAMMExpress donation station.

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SAMMinistries is closing its Furniture for a Cause store.

The organization made the announcement during a press conference Wednesday morning.

SAMMinistries President and CEO Navarra Williams said their other programs would remain in place but that they would be moving all of their operations to a single location at 1919 NW Loop 410.

News Release from SAMMinistries:

January 3, 2017 – After 14 years of service to the San Antonio community, Furniture For A Cause will be closing its doors on February 28, 2018. Since its opening, Furniture For A Cause has operated as a social enterprise with the goal of providing funds to augment SAMMinistries’ service to the homeless. Furniture For A Cause also served as a workforce development site to help train homeless men and women working towards self-sufficiency. Due to changes in the furniture industry, new online low cost retail and resale opportunities available to consumers, the operational expense of a fixed site store has become cost-prohibitive.
“Furniture For A Cause has been a part of SAMMinistries service to the community for the last 14 years.” Said SAMMinistries President and CEO, Navarra Williams. “Although the decision to close the store was a difficult one, we believe that it will enable us to focus more on the delivery of quality programs and services to San Antonio’s homeless population.”
SAMMinistries is grateful for the many friends who have supported Furniture For A Cause through the years and will continue to receive furniture donations through the SAMMExpress Donation Station. SAMMExpress provides gently used furniture to families and individuals living in SAMMinistries’ housing programs at no cost.
Effective immediately, Furniture For A Cause will be liquidating items in the store until the final closing date of February 28th, 2018. Items will be up to 70% off.
For more information contact Susan Scheuer at or (210)954-3870.
SAMMinistries, celebrating 35 years of service to San Antonio, is an interfaith ministry that helps the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless attain self-sufficiency by offering shelter, housing, and services.

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