SA restaurant closed temporarily after failing its health inspection

SBG Photo

A Mexican restaurant here in San Antonio was closed temporarily after failing its latest health inspection. Casa Guadalajara Bar and Grill located on the northeast side of town, scored a 53.

Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

No hot water in the kitchen sink for hand washing.
Debris accumulated on ice machine and the soda guns.
Fruit flies, drain flies and gnats were observed in the bar area.
There was no lid on the margarita machine.

A deeper look into this restaurant, shows that it passed previous inspections over the last year:

In July, its highest score of 85.
In May, it scored a 72.
And in December 2017, they got a 70.

The health inspector closed their restaurant due to "gross unsanitary conditions." They have since corrected all the violations and they are now back open.

For a list of all restaurant reports click HERE.

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