SA couple to debut their first feature-length film at Tobin Center

Tia Chuck (Courtesy: WalleyFilms)

This Saturday night is your chance to check out the work of a very talented San Antonio couple - and meet some cool people - as Mark and Angela Walley are going to hold a benefit debut of their new film at the Tobin Center.

The Walleys are both from San Antonio and actually met way back in school when he was behind the lens of a camera, working on a film.

Ever since then, they've been working together, producing and directing short documentaries - mostly about contemporary artists.

But Saturday you'll see their first long-form film, called 'Tia Chuck.' It focuses on a larger-than-life figure in San Antonio's art world, Chuck Ramirez, who died in a bicycling accident in 2010.

The Walleys had met him in 2009 and were already planning to shoot a film about Ramirez when he was killed.

Stunned by the news of his death, they brought their cameras with them to his house in Southtown and then to the Blue Star, where a big crowd was celebrating Ramirez' life and work.

Angela says that's when they realized the far-reaching impact Chuck had on San Antonio's art community.

And they started working on a film, not knowing where it would lead or how long it might take.

Saturday night, you can see the result. You'll learn about this talented artist who survived HIV and open-heart surgery.

And through his story, you'll also learn how San Antonio's contemporary art scene has grown over the years.

Click on the video icon for my story on the Walleys and 'Tia Chuck.'

And look for me at the Tobin Center on Saturday night.

Make sure you smile, too, because I'll probably have at least one camera with me.

BTW, I found out that when you shoot a story on a couple of documentary filmmakers, they shoot you right back.

Mark and Angela, good luck!


Tickets to 'Tia Chuck' at the Tobin Center, Saturday May 5, 2018.

Walley Films on

Randy Beamer's facebook page.

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