Restaurant owner says customer leaves racist message on receipt

Staffers at a local restaurant are concerned and disappointed after they found a receipt from a customer saying they would not be coming back because the owner is Mexican.

"The food was tasty and the service was attentive,” said Fernando Franco, the founder and owner of Di Frabo Italian restaurant. “However the owner is Mexican. We will not return. America first.”

Franco is reading the message he says a patron wrote on a receipt that was left here at the restaurant around lunch time Friday.

"Something like this is a slap in the face," said Franco.

He opened the Italian restaurant back in 2014, turning a lifelong dream into a reality.

“I was born in Mexico City," said Franco.

Franco has been operating businesses and restaurants in San Antonio since 2012 under an E-2 visa.

“It's an investor visa," explained Franco.

He says this visa has very specific requirements and has to be renewed each year.

“We never have had any issue because we have had growth we have more businesses now," said Franco.

He plans to begin the citizenship process soon.

Franco believes the message is byproduct of all the talk that has come from the recent election.

And although he's disappointed a customer left this message, he says the focus now is to keep moving forward.

“We're just going to keep working and I think most of the people are not like this," said Franco.

A copy of the receipt is being shared on social media.

Franco says this one negative comment has led to a flood of support which will continue to fuel his dream.

“That's what we're doing we're living the dream," said Franco.

Franco says he probably wouldn't recognize the customers who left the note because they paid in cash.

He adds he plans to keep the receipt as a reminder of how far the United States still has to go in terms of racism.

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