Residents worried about dead bodies found at downtown apartment complex


Neighbors in a downtown apartment area are worried after they said several bodies were discovered at their complex.

Lydia Garza said on separate incideints three people were found dead in the last six months. She said the circumstances surrounding their deaths have not been clear to apartment residents.

In one case, a woman in her 40's was found deceased in her apartment close to Garza's. Neighbors identified the smell.

"She came down screaming, 'a muerto, a muerto, a dead person was up there'," Garza said.

Police have not confirmed if the deaths are suspicious but residents are worried.

"The people that know we're scared," Garza said. "We are truly scared."

A calls for service request shows a list of alleged crimes but it is unclear if the bodies are connected to any criminal activity.

Residents fear there could be a pattern.

"Get the detective department to come out and find out if they are, something is going on or to tell us that they are in fact natural death, don't worry about it," Garza said. "That's what I want."

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