Residents angry after construction tears down historic trees

    NORTHEAST SIDE - SAWS is coming under fire after historic trees have been cut down in the Northeast Side for a construction project.

    The trees have been standing for more than 200 years.

    SAWS stopped the project after people grew upset.

    "Look at the rings," Catheryne Ladd said. "How do you replace something like that?!"

    Trees that were standing for centuries chopped down for a water project on Holbrook Road on the Northeast side.

    "I feel like the city is trying to sneak things around us," Ladd said.

    They provided shade, pretty landscape but more importantly they were apart of history.

    "It makes me sick to my stomach," Ladd said. "So angry I can't see straight."

    Ladd's family dates back here for more than a century.

    "My family has tried to protect these trees for generations," Ladd said.

    Ladd tried to pick up where her family left off.

    Urging SAWS not to touch the trees while they open up the ground to replace a main sewage line.

    "We feel like we've been lied to," Ladd said.

    We asked SAWS if they promised Ladd and others to protect the trees.

    "I'm not going into the he said, she said of what was said in the meetings," SAWS spokesperson Anne Hayden said.

    Hayden said they are looking into whether a promise was made or not.

    She said the construction could not be done elsewhere without cutting off roads to neighborhoods.

    "We knew we did the best to preserve as many trees as we could," Hayden said. "But we also knew some trees could not survive."

    "These trees are the lifeblood of the ecosystem, the lungs of our world," Ladd said.

    Phase One construction has halted in this area for now.

    But it's too late for these trees.

    Ladd hopes with the project going on for miles, and even years other trees can be spared.

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