Reporter crew meets undocumented immigrants moments before arrests

Undocumented Immigrants

The community near Alamo Heights is still shocked.

“It was a big game of hide and go seek,” said John Monroe who lives nearby.

On Tuesday more than 50 undocumented immigrants escaped from a trailer.

Many of them hopped a nearby fence, and into a neighborhood.

“Every direction they were scattering,” said Nick Phelps.

Homeowners we spoke with along Laurelhurst still couldn’t believe it.

"My fiance said it was just like a big herd of people on the roof ran over, and jumped to the other side,” said Monroe.

Blood was still noticeable on the fence in the Monroe’s backyard. While we’re told some of the undocumented immigrants, suffered more serious injuries during the escape attempts.

"3 of them broke their legs, jumping off my neighbor's roof,” said Kate Nielsen.

While we were out reporting for this story on Wednesday, we ran into a couple in desperate need for water.

"I came to fight for my life,” said the anonymous person through a translation. “To get ahead for my family. To give something back to my family, so that my family could eat.”

The man we spoke said that he’s from Guatemala.

"They left us thrown here,” said the man through a Spanish translator. “With no address as to where we came from. They just left us thrown here."

The man claims that he wasn’t on the recently discovered trailer from the night before. He tells us that he walked across the border in Laredo, and was destined for Los Angeles.

After giving the couple water, we returned to the scene moments later. They were in police custody.

The anonymous undocumented immigrant told us that he had paid $8,000 for the trip.

"Can it happen again? I hope not,” said Monroe. “Is it going to happen somewhere else? Yeah. Probably so.”

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