Report: Nearly half of Hurricane Harvey victims aren't receiving proper recovery help

Port Aransas on a long road to recovery after Harvey (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - A new survey suggests nearly half of Hurricane Harvey victims feel they're not getting the help they need to recover.

The Episcopal Health Foundation, in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation, said those impacted by Harvey aren't just looking for financial help -- but building materials as well.

"The people that we spoke with weren't asking for handouts, weren't asking for someone just to give them something for nothing, but needed help to recover,” said Episcopal Health Foundation Director of Communications Brian Sasser.

Sasser said it was important for people to realize the damage was widespread. The area known as the “Golden Triangle,” which includes Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur and the “Coastal Bend” areas of Rockport and Port Aransas were all hit hard.

"The struggles are even more in areas that are more devastated and in populations that are more low-income, minority populations that were struggling already,” Sasser said. “The storm made those problems even worse."

“Virtually everybody was impacted and the vast majority was mid to serious impact,” said Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President and CEO Jeffrey Hentz.

Hentz said the city relies heavily on its businesses, residents, schools and churches, but unfortunately, many residents still have not been able to move back.

“All of that is taking time. It's painfully slow. It's getting there, but it just can't get there fast enough,” said Hentz. “The work's not done. We still need a lot of help. We still need volunteer help to help us repair and get our community back up and operating."

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