Rep Doggett addresses healthcare bill in town hall

CBS Austin

Hundreds packed First United Methodist Church in Austin as Rep. Lloyd Doggett addressed senate lawmaker’s healthcare bill.

Doggett says three-million Texans could lose coverage under the proposed “Affordable Care Act” replacement.

"There has been an unrelenting attack on Medicaid," Doggett said.

Doggett told voters he believes many of his republican collogues aren’t focused on healthcare.

"This is a tax bill masquerading as a healthcare bill," Doggett said.

The town hall also drew medical professionals, healthcare advocates, and one mom whose son benefits from Medicaid.

"I am not here to ask the government to take on the entire burden of our son's needs," Crystal Brown told a crowd of voters.

Crystal Brown’s son has special medical needs. She says her family has insurance through the City of Austin, but it’s still not enough to cover the costs of his care.

"It's crucial that we have Medicaid as a secondary insurance because not all of Brayden’s medication, therapies, procedures, and equipment are covered under that plan," Brown said.

Doggett says 15 million Americans stand to lose healthcare if the current version of the senate healthcare bill passes.

Texas is already one of a few states that doesn’t participate in the Medicaid expansion program.

"I have looked in the face of families that I've had to tell you're too poor to get assistance under the affordable care act because the state of Texas would not expand Medicaid," Doggett said.

Senate lawmakers are expected to vote on the healthcare bill after Sen. John McCain recovers from his surgery.

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