Rape Crisis Center plans to move into bigger building

Rape Crisis Center plans to move into bigger building

SAN ANTONIO -- The Rape Crisis Center just signed a new lease, and is planning to move from its current West Side location to the Sabine Building along the 4600 block of Centerview Drive.

For survivors of sexual assaults, the Rape Crisis Center has been a lifeline. The non-profit organization

offers free counseling services, and has a storage closet on hand to give clothes to victims at area

hospitals when their own clothing is taken as evidence.

"We have to do more replacement because we've handed out more clothing," said Miriam Elizondo, Director of the Rape Crisis Center.

In July, the non-profit saw 99 victims of sexual assault at area hospitals, a record number.

Some of the survivors who went to the hospital for a sexual assault exam are victims of human trafficking.

"Our girls and boys are being trafficked and sold on the very streets we're driving every single day to work," Elizondo went on to say.

Elizondo says with more people reporting sexual assaults, calls for counseling are going up.

Recently, some survivors had to be put on a waiting list for counseling services.

"We were able to remedy that pretty quickly, but it's still a concern."

The Rape Crisis Center plans to move into its new location by mid-December.

The building will offer more counseling and training rooms to help with the growing need.

If you have questions or are in crisis, you can call the Rape Crisis Center Hotline at (210) 349-7373.

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