Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts: SAPD officers return home

Two San Antonio police officers are back at home after lending a hand in Puerto Rico.

SAN ANTONIO - Two San Antonio police officers are back at home after lending a hand in Puerto Rico.

The officers went with the U.S Air Force on a mission to bring supplies to the island that is still dealing with the devastation from Hurricane Maria, three weeks later.

“It was a quick experience you know,” said Officer Jason Gomez, with SAPD Bike Patrol.

Officers Gomez and Justin Turk were both helping with Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

“We partnered up with another crew out of Travis Air Force base they took the other 4 so we had a total of 8 helicopters. That kind of gives a little more perspective of how many units are out there,” said Gomez.

On his regular shift, Gomez is patrolling the streets of San Antonio. The rest of his time is dedicated to the Air Force.

Gomez is part of the 433 Airlift Wing, 68th Airlift Squadron. He's a loadmaster.

“You can see some of the tree line. It didn't look like there were any leaves in the trees. Like a massive flood went through. A lot of buildings that were close to the airport had busted out windows the paint was missing from the buildings,” added Gomez.

Puerto Rico is still facing devastation. The island is lacking many resources including water and power.

Gomez said he will never forget the images he saw saw while on the trip.

“I have been to a lot of places around the world. Puerto Rico was not one of them. To see a place that you don't regularly go to, (it was so) devastating from the tree line. (Just) a stone away from the airport. (It’s) pretty humbling,” added Gomez.

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