Protecting your children from sex traffickers

SAN ANTONIO -- The Edgewood Independent School District hosted its first human trafficking seminar Wednesday night.

"This is something that effects everybody in a community, " said Keyhla Calderon Lugo, a spokesperson for the school district.

The ‘I am the Change’ seminar offered by the Freedom Youth Project Foundation was open to all school districts and community members throughout San Antonio.

"I hope she sees that simply by someone talking to you does not mean they are a friend of yours, " said John Moreno.

Moreno took his 12-year-old great niece to the seminar to learn more about the dangers of trafficking, he also shared his own personal experience.

"I myself was almost kidnapped and lured into a car when I was 4 year old and it was something about his voice that I can still remember, " Moreno went on to say.

Saul Castellanos, the CEO of the Freedom Youth Project Foundation says he's spent time reaching really human trafficking incidents all over the United States.

"Traffickers are very slick in the way that they lure and the way that they deceive."

Castellanos says it's more important to talk to your children about love than about sex. " If you don't tell your child I love you every day the first time out in the world somebody says that to your child, it's going to mean way too much and that's what traffickers count on , " said Castellanos.

Castellanos went on to say traffickers use fake love to lure victims all the time, but if your child knows what to look out for that predator may never have a chance.

January is also National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and investigators hope if you suspect someone is in danger, you’ll report it.

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