President Bush receives touching sendoff from neighbors


    The final services for former president George H.W. Bush began in Houston Thursday morning.

    There were two services happening, The first inside St. Martin’s Episcopal Church and the second growing along the streets outside.

    “TO pay our respects,” said Donna Murphy, who lives near the church. “That’s why I came.”

    President Bush was honored and remembered as a great statesman and as a generous and humble man.

    “I mean he set a good example in his personal life as well as his public life,” said Judith Ambler, who lives in Houston.

    Murphy came to join the growing crowd when she saw the private funeral service was coming to a close.

    Murphy says almost everybody has a story of meeting Bush while out and about.

    “There’s a long line out the door,” said Murphy. “We’re in the line and George and Barbara came to the restaurant. They could’ve easily walked right up to the front and been served.”

    Murphy says what the Bushes did next transformed them from a presidential couple into her gracious neighbors

    “They sit in line with everybody and just chatted with people, so I said to my daughter, ‘This is a real class couple. You should really pay attention and try and emulate their behavior.’”

    Lining with street, with the stars and stripes in hand, a buzz builds as the anticipated arrival nears,

    It quickly turns into a somber sendoff as their neighbor and former president heads to his final resting place.

    “I think it speaks to him but I think it also speaks to what we as Americans should aspire to: Working together to do what is right for the nation,” said Ambler.

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