Pre-K 4 SA cutting some part-time positions

Pre-K 4 SA cutting some part-time positions

SAN ANTONIO -- We're about five weeks away from the end of the school year, but some employees at a high quality pre-kindergarten could be looking for a new line of work next school year.

The pre-k service school is funded by a portion of sales tax money.

Staff at Pre-K 4 SA say they aren't laying anyone off, they're just re-organizing.

But when you look at the math it shows something different.

"This is our first year at capacity which is 2,000 students," said Sarah Baray, CEO of Pre-K 4 SA.

The school has four locations across the city.

"They all have 500 student capacity and that's what we aim for," said Baray.

The program's goal is simple.

"To make sure that we are continuing to improve and provide the highest quality of early childhood education which is what we promised to the citizens of San Antonio," said Baray.

Baray says Pre-K 4 SA will be re-organizing before classes start again in the fall.

“So we currently have about 460 employees,” said Baray. “With our new configuration we'll have around 415, 416 probably."

That's because the school will let about 45 part-time employees go.

"What that means is some of our part time folks are going to able to apply for full-time jobs," said Baray.

As far as full time positions the school says currently there are 383.

Next year they expect to have seven more.

“We'll begin the interviewing and hiring process and hope to have that complete by the end of the year," said Baray.

The staff says they'll be posting positions in the next few days.

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