Portion of East Side could get facelift

Portion of East Side could get facelift

SAN ANTONIO - A portion of the East Side might be getting a facelift if the San Antonio City Council approves a zoning change. Councilman Alan Warrick said developers are looking at improving an area near South Cherry Street and Carolina Street.

Warrick said the area will be considered the "Essex Modern City" and will include condos, apartments, restaurants, a micro-brewery and a vertical farm.

"These kinds of things have happened in San Antonio for a number of years, just not on this side of the tracks," Warrick said.

Some people who live in the area said they welcome the change.

"This is just going to be something completely new and they're going to be able to design it however they want," Matthew Schlaff said. "I'm excited to see how it's going to come out."

Schlaff said when he first heard about the project, gentrification was a concern.

"There's a pro and a con to everything, so I'm willing to take the good with the bad. Higher property taxes, but with higher property value is a good thing in my opinion," Schlaff said.

"We're glad to see this type of development, but we also have to be cautious because we definitely want to avoid gentrification," the councilman said.

Warrick said the project that will not only modernize part of district 2, but it will also add employment opportunities.

The council will vote on the zoning change next week. Warrick said the project will take some time to complete. He estimates it will be finished by 2020.

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