Police search for wanted man, family wants city to pay for damages

Fadi Mashal has a lengthy criminal record. (Photo: Bexar County Sheriff's Department)

SAN ANTONIO - A Stone Oak property owner wants answers after the family home was badly damaged by police.

SAPD officers were trying to arrest a dangerous man wanted for an assault.

They broke into the north side home searching for the suspect.

News 4 San Antonio's Darian Trotter talked to police about the damage caused.

Fahed Mashal is still angry about how he says SAPD officer left his family's home.

Front and back doors were kicked open and left lying off their frames.

Several bedroom doors were kicked in too.

"I am angry I am upset and when you call them they tell you there's nothing we can do," said Fahed Mashal.

Police went to the Stone Oak home Tuesday night searching for Mashal's brother, 34-year old Fadi Mashal.

He's wanted for assault family violence, two a 3rd degree felony.

"That means he's been charged with family violence in the past," said SAPD Officer Douglas Greene.

Fadi Mashal has a lengthy criminal record.

He's been arrested once for aggravated robbery three times for assault once for DWI and three times for driving on a suspended license.

Fahed says his brother was arrested just last week when he caused a violent scene at the family's restaurant.

"He was fighting with one of the workers over there at the restaurant, some customer call the cops and he was arrested," Mashal said.

Fahed says his brother has since threatened to harm the family.

"It was the officers intent to really help this family they know the issues they've gone through with this individual," Greene said.

Officer Greene says officers had probable cause to enter the home in search of the man considered dangerous.

Turns out he wasn't there.

The family now has to file a complaint with the City Clerk's Office of Risk Management to determine if the city will pay for repairs.

"We have restaurants businesses now we have to shut down our restaurant to go running around City Clerk and figure out how we're going to do this," Mashal said.

The family has 90-days to file a complaint.

Police are till searching for Fadi Mashal. If you have information in the case call Crimestoppers (21) 244-STOP.

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