School: New Braunfels student accused of making terroristic threat had gun in vehicle

New Braunfels ISD (SBG San Antonio)

A New Braunfels High School student is facing charges after he allegedly made a threat against a girl and a gun was found inside his vehicle at the school.

The New Braunfels Independent School District said the New Braunfels Police Department received a report around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning concerning a male teen who had threatened a girl with a firearm over a social media platform.

Investigators were able to determine the identity of the male, who turned out to be a 16-year old male attending New Braunfels High School, and pulled him from class. Officers learned the student did have a firearm in the glove box of his vehicle in the high school parking lot, and they were able to seize the handgun without incident. They then determined that although the original victim had been threatened with the handgun, no threat was made against the campus or its students.

The male student was taken to the Guadalupe County Juvenile Detention Center and has been charged with "Terroristic Threat" (a Class B Misdemeanor).

New Braunfels ISD administrators said they are issuing a statement to parents of New Braunfels High School students.

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